Disney stamps 2018 issues

Alphabetic order

–> France

Mickey et La France / Mickey Mouse in France – Stamp Booklet
  • Issue Date: 02.07.2018
  • Designer: Luma
  • Process: Heliogravure
  • Size: 256 x 54 mm

Mickey Mouse – 90 years of enthusiasm
  • Issue Date: 06.09.2018
  • Designer: Marion Favreu / Felix Sikora
  • Process: Heliogravure
  • Size: 40.85 x 52 mm

About Mickey Mouse – 90 years of enthusiasm

Youth Series 2018. The work of the stamp is made by Felix Sikora, a student at the ECV school and participant in the Mickey Is Art contest, organized by Disney for the 90th anniversary of Mickey: ” Mickey, 90 years of enthusiasm “.

–> Japan

Winnie the Pooh / Mickey Mouse

–> Maldives

95th Anniversary of Walt Disney Company (shlt and s/s)

–> Portugal

Set of two – Size Stamps: 30,6 x 40 mm,

Miniature Sheet – size: 140 x 160 mm
First day cover
First day cover
Special Folder
Maxi cards
Stamp Booklet
  • Issue Date: 14.09.2018
  • Designer: MAD Activities
  • Printer: BPOST
  • Process: Offset

Argentina – new ARS 2 and ARS 10 coins

The BCRA puts into circulation ARS2 and ARS10 coins which feature a silk floss tree and a calden tree, respectively. These coins complete the Peso Series Trees of the Argentine Republic. The coins of this Series will be used alongside older coins and banknotes with the same value. The new coin series is part of the plan to standardize currency in circulation implemented through different measures such as the launch of ARS20, ARS200, ARS500, and ARS1000 banknotes; the creation of an electronic platform for interbank exchange of banknotes, and the destruction of damaged banknotes.


  • – It is striken in brass-plated plated steel in a golden color.
  • – Its diameter is 21.5 mm and it weighs 5 g.
  • – It has a plain edge.
  • – The center displays a silk floss tree, exhibiting its bottle-shaped trunk as its most noticeable characteristic feature. The upper arch reads “REPUBLICA ARGENTINA” (ARGENTINE REPUBLIC) while the lower arch reads “PALO BORRACHO” (“SILK FLOSS TREE”).
  • – The silhouette of a flower from the silk floss tree appears on the left on the reverse side. The lower arch reads “EN UNION Y LIBERTAD” (“IN UNION AND LIBERTY”). The upper arch contains the year of coinage “2018” The phrase “2 PESOS” is shown on the upper right side in reference to Argentina’s Northeast region, where the tree grows.


  • – It is striken in alpaca and has a golden color.
  • – Its diameter is 20 mm and it weighs 4.3 g.
  • – It has a reeded edge.
  • – The center displays a stylized image of a calden tree, a species native to Argentina, with a rounded and wide top. The upper arch reads “REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA” (“ARGENTINE REPUBLIC”) while the lower arch reads “CALDÉN” (“CALDEN”), the common tree name.
  • – The reverse side displays the silhouette of a flower containing the face value in micro-sized numbers and calden tree leaves. The upper arch reads “EN UNIÓN Y LIBERTAD” (“IN UNION AND LIBERTY”) and the lower arch shows the year of coinage “2018”. The “10 PESOS” denomination is placed at the center as a metaphor for the central region in Argentina where the tree grows.

Source: Banco Central de la República Argentina